• Best Practices
  • Additional considerations for Lookup v/s Master Detail relationships

    During my recent projects, I came across few issues related to lookup v/s master-detail relationships. Ideally Master-Detail relationships are best when the detail side of the relationship cannot exist without the master record. The additional benefits are: 1. Record level security is controlled by the parent (OWD). 2. When the parent record is deleted, the […]

  • Certification
  • How to pass the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Transition exam with 100% success :)

    Updated: March 03 2016 Those of you who hold the Salesforce Certified Developer certification actually hold a piece of history because this certification was made to ride heroically into the sunset on Sept 14 2015. Salesforce.com has introduced 3 new exams among others in the recent past. These exams are: 1. Salesforce Certified Platform App […]